Terms & Conditions

I/we the undersigned authorise Connected Claims Limited to act on my/our behalf as agents in pursuing my/our complaint(s) in connection with flight compensation over the past six years.

I/We confirm that we have a lawful contract with Connected Claims Limited and have expressly consented that all communication and payments from you must be made direct to Connected Claims Limited. This instruction relates to all products or claims with relation to the above named client.

I/We hereby advise that failure to follow my/our express instructions with regard to dealing with Connected Claims Limited whom I/We have contracted with may render the offending party liable to legal recourse for procuring a breach of contract; restraint of trade; breaches of the Competition Act 1988, the Enterprise Act 2002 and Articles 81 & 82 of the EC Treaty.

Please take this letter as authority requiring you to deal directly with Connected Claims Limited and to provide any information that Connected Claims Limited requests as necessary to pursue my/our complaint(s) fully. This authority will endure until further notice.

Connected Claims will provide the following services:

  1.  An assessment of a potential claim for Third Party Charge refunds
  2.  Representing the Client’s claim for compensation where Connected Claims considers that there is a potential claim against the Third Party
  3.  Negotiating and obtaining a settlement figure that Connected Claims deems appropriate in respect of the claim against the Third Party. Connected Claims reserves the right not to pursue a claim for compensation, at any time, by notifying the client in writing
  4.  Where necessary and deemed appropriate, Connected Claims will negotiate the case with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  5.  If there is a recovery I/We give authority for Allweis & Company Solicitors to transfer any successful funds from the Airlines for my claim to Connected Claims ltd, such payment fully.
  6.  I/ We fully discharge Allweis & Company of any liability regarding the sums recovered.

Our service charges:

Connected Claims will charge 30% of all compensation recovered including all claims referred to the CAA (plus VAT on the 30%) which is payable within 14 calendar days. Any vouchers are treated equally when compensation is offered in this form with our invoice still payable. We will not accept vouchers as a form of invoice payment. Overdue invoices are subject to late fees of £12 for every month the invoice is outstanding.

You may terminate your contract with Connected Claims by notifying us in writing within 14 calendar days of the date of this document. After 14 days a cancellation charge of £150.00 will be payable.

If you have already submitted a claim yourself or with another Claims Management Company our cancellation charge will be applicable for services provided by Connected Claims ltd unless your claim is cancelled within the first 14 calendar days of the date of this document.

Connected Claims ltd cannot submit bogus claims therefore any claims submitted whereby the delay is not over 3 hours (180 minutes) may be subject to a charge of £150.00 per claim if the final decision is declined for this reason solely, unless evidence is provided to show otherwise.

Connected Claims ltd reserves the right to amend our Terms and Conditions wherever we see fit.